Monday, November 21, 2016

Street Art

Forget canvases, frames and easels: Roadsworth, need a guide, he preferred to paint quickly on the road, using the stencil as a guide and thus creating amazing works of guerrilla art. Feast your eyes on a parade of his works.

Alleys turned into open-air paintings, crosses niceness artfully, road designs that revolutionize the look of a square. Just in the Canadian city of Montreal lives fact Peter Gibson, the magician who made stencil street art his profession. 

The asphalt is its base of favorite job. Every corner of the city is thoroughly studied before being transformed into a work of guerrilla art.

Peter Gibson is just the anagrafe: everyone knows this artist Roadsworth like, a stage name that fits like a glove: it is a tribute to the English Romantic poet William Wordsworth. "Wordsworth was a poet of words, Roadsworth is the poet of the streets," the artist says on his blog, where you can admire other of his works.

His stencil using as a starting point elements such as road signs and street furniture, then modified to create the element of surprise.

Roadsworth began his activities as a form of protest against the conditions that cyclists are forced to endure every day: bike paths occupied by parked cars, smog in the lungs.

But as that his works took shape, Gibson has passed from civil protest in search of an art form that leads pedestrians to stop a moment and reflect. Those who continues to use the car has less chance to enjoy this visual feast.

Since 2001 Roadsworth has made between 200 and 300 stencil road works that someone has compared to those of Banksy: the comparison with the British artist flatters Gibson, who has, however, stated that his works are less sarcastic and less political .

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